Have you noticed that you are naturally craving more fresh and raw foods?

That’s because your body is super cool and knows it needs to stay hydrated and cool during the hot months so it tells you to feed it cucumbers and watermelon.

The body really does know best, if we can learn to listen to it and not fight it.

Raw refreshing foods are high water, fiber and vitamin content which work together to act as our internal air conditioning. Plus this time of year we need less dense, high-energy foods because we get so much energy from being outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

True that!

Summer salads are super simple but don’t make that boring old salad bar salad try something new.

  • Fennel and mint?
  • Daikon radish and arugula?
  • Summer squash with watercress?
  • Watermelon and goat cheese?

Raw foods are much more than eating salads so be sure to download your free copy of the RAWGUIDE where you can check out some awesome tips and recipes.

Whatever you choose, have fun with your food and stay cool!

Happy summering!

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