Baby Bump Course

ONCE UPON A TIME, people just had sex to get pregnant. Today, getting pregnant may not be as easy as the fairy tale we once believed. I know for me it wasn’t.

It took me almost 2 years. Lots of tests, tears, patience, good nutrition and a positive mindset to be blessed with a growing belly.

INFERTILITY IS NOT FUN. I know. I’ve been there.

Do you…

  • ..feel like your body isn’t “doing what it is supposed to do”
  • ..long for something (or someone) so badly
  • fearful, nervous, anxious or even angry

I created the Baby Bump Course to help you focus on realigning the way your body works so that it has the ability to address the underlying causes of your fertility problem.

Let me help. Let me hold your hand. Let me give you a plan that will increase your chances of conception.I also know that your mindset, nutrition and lifestyle truly do play a huge part in baby making.

Don’t worry! I won’t tell you to stress less and you’ll conceive…I would like to slap those people too!

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