Your class is amazing.  I know I have told you before, but i really look forward to Thursdays 🙂

I think you have a perfect balance of everything.  I’m honestly feeling a lot more flexible and my lower back and abs feel stronger.  I’m amazed! I already feel a difference.


Inspiring, motivating and graceful are three words that immediately come to my mind when describing Loni.

I have been taking her mommy and me pilates classes for 3 months now and I look forward to her class every single time. Her classes recharge me in a way that I have never felt before, I would not be able to get through my weeks without her and it really helps that my daughter also adores her!

Loni takes the time to check your form and push you a bit out of your comfort zone, so you can grow with every class.

I am so incredibly lucky to have found her!!!

Kirstie Q.

I’ve have been doing Pilates for over a decade but sadly when I became a mom, my workout regimen fell by the wayside. It was so difficult to fit in working out when my sons were running around and I was just too unmotivated and tired to exercise when they were napping.

When I started Pilates with Loni, last year, it quickly became my favorite part of the week. I get an amazing workout while my son gets interaction with other kids as well as an exposure to a healthy lifestyle.

Loni is amazing with all of the children in the class and her style of Pilates teaching always leaves me feeling refreshed….and pleasantly sore the next day! I truly can’t recommend this class enough!

Diana Farrell-Grossman