The Fourth Trimester



Unlike any other class you’ll find, this is an intimate group of new mamas going through the Mommyhood Journey, post-baby.

Part support group and part workout, this 8 week class is designed as a safe space for your baby, the idea is to give personal attention back to YOU and YOUR body.

You surrendered your body for 9 months to bring life into this world and it’s great!

Now it’s time to gain some control back of your body. Pilates is one of the fastest postpartum exercises that gets you the weight loss results you want as well as reduce your risk of postpartum depression.

Don’t go it alone!

Entering into Mommyhood is confusing. Your body doesn’t feel like it’s yours. You don’t know what’s best to eat. You want to exercise but you don’t know what’s good for you and your new body.

We will answer all of these and more, while also showing you how to nurture your new body and life as a mom.

This class is a gentle approach, a gradual transition back into working out.

Whether you’re new to Pilates or not, this is a good class for you to lose the baby weight and reclaim your body.

We may playfully use your child as a way of bonding. Babies are often used as counter-resistance in bicep curls that end with a kiss or standing Plies that offer a little ride.

Ideal child age: 6 weeks to 6 months

There are only 6 spots available in this class. Reserve your spot today!